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Rod Hull Is Alive - Why (Half Man Half Biscuit)

A doyen of Topiary once told me, That one day he would like to grow a maze, It seemed to be quite logical That this should be his wish. And with that We both went our separate ways. They said you died at 7:00 ("seven") due to something in your head. I asked the Sister why it wasn't someone else instead! Tonight I cry myself a bath of tears and ask the world, "Why is Rod Hull alive, and getting paid as well!?" I heard a palace spokesman mention Sarah. Said she'd known the groins of Jaques LaFitte. She's well-prepared to be a standard-bearer. As pure as the proverbial driven sleet! Halfway up the reekin' with an empty flask of tea, A fog descends and takes away my visibility. Yet in this Helen Keller state, I'd still quite like to know Why is Rod Hull alive, and getting paid as well! And I wonder if they'll bring back National Service and the Birch And I wonder must I doubt if They'll ever bring back The Watney Cup