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The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug (Digable Planets)

Uh Ha Uh Ha Ha Funky Uh Ha Uh Ha Ha One time for your mind Two times for Mumia's saint crew Three times for my Brooklyn dimes Seven times for pleasure I don't trip I don't tripWe don't trip We don't trip We don't trip Please don't trip We don't trip Pleasure Now, sixteen times for the mind thieves For my thinking intell- And I am Erica Counterfits don't stop the wettest of us We Brooklyn We define the black people equal to who? Yeah What you supply? I know when I know when I drop ??dip?? That was in beetle's but a snake try to spill a score On my pride I'm in my Cammy We bust at COINTELPRO we creamy like Fuck that we Creamy Spies tell you scheme-y lies We let creamy bullets fly Should it reflect the sun We say yes when we think of getting dipped We says guess say yo comrades rest Cause we all bounce We all bounce I do bounce He do bounce He do bounce Yes we all bounce I all bounce From back since the crook caught a rep For giving birth to horn loopers I took my first step with campers - born troopers Got caps on both cans for the halls I spray Slap hand swith my mans by the walls we play Now... waist chains and Cammy floors complete sag Live pools, my squad rules From solar to lunar, cheap to death From no boot to puma, sewed up like mesh My cousin's hit the 'pike I read it in the ??went it?? circle C-low Now all the niggaz hating C-know As we move on the D-E-low For our fam in jail No stars just bars No cars unless the BMT own 'em Crook-town bounce streets delph to south ??bar on a?? I drape soul hearts I make soul darts Cover mad areas in my ??crepe soulclarks?? MC's lyin, is dyin rap off But here we all y'all With pleasure.... So it's One time for your mind Twice times for Mumia's saint crew Thrice times for the brooklyn dimes Seven times for pleasure I stay on He stay on We stay on We stay on He is on We be on cause We stay on With pleasure... Here I go, the seven odd Manchu squad Black notes I quote, I dedicate to my young star Via ??selway?? cars I span the metro C-know sold stee-lo Is livin on the D-low The galactic travler eternal explorer Like the invincible master agent - a true warrior Neither here nor there, a master of illusion My son's moon sets, catch reps when we cruisin The New York Boroughs with classic boombasctic Studied all the styles and got nasty at it Like a Thelonius Monk I travel in peace Left on right on black man from the east We don't quit Yeah like for nothin but beats and cheese Subzero degrees can't freeze the cool breeze Ease easay straight Brooklyn doob Hit you off with some pellets did Brooklyn smooth Ahhh! It's that certain style Uh huh I shoot a ??leg ball?? Squeeze off style quarters til herbs get stressed Playing slick games and avoid all rest I shows, five seconds after that I flows left caught your rebel grows Devils we grow Jonesin on the curb I glow Still posin a B-girl fresh as This leftist gets with MC's one and all of 'em Bust ninety ??bi-evels?? And my whole crew walk with pleasure