Time & Space (A New Refutation Of) (Digable Planets)

Slip slide dip then take a dive planets lookin high when we travellin on a vibe cribs dorms grasshoppers and swarms thinkin life is big is that hip is it norm psychedelic and fat flowers and beads and peaces and naps ah yes planets got the blessed beats are played on friday to get monday off your chest kick live dig into the quotes lose yourself and groove in the beaty as it floats hair clothes monochrome it ain't many different worlds in the sweet and funky joint pounds hands speakers and jams even those that flams get fitted in the plans light years sugar for your ears hiphop is the fave we been diggin it for years funk rhythm psychedelic money studied my lessons got vision 20/20 check out the glow they need it what we brought ladybug don't we boom it from new york yes we do time space what is that like? just how we livin when in the hip life kids roll with hot buttered soul from 125 right down to ludlow the juice the cup the token fare is up the ancestors peace with the daughters of the dust we just freaks aquafunky beats vented to the streets from the boxes and the jeeps nuclear is we different time different space uh oh planet earth we brought the mad bass brung is the tongue they all can understand i'm free so let me pass it to my g check me out butterflies funk induced highs i gain a better reason to smack me up a five bald caps pleasurable naps time and space is fake and that's the real haps youth flights land on friday nights birds be with the cats djs savin lives soul funk jive and rhythm jams sound drips comin off the lips smuggled from the planets that freak the 9 zips time space no one's is alike be you and just be you or be out that's right so step into the jams let the sugars make you sweet kept it underhand cause the planets get you free ladybug mecca with the groove in time and space with the funkin rhythm butter chase goddam