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Where I'm From (Digable Planets)

Peace peace peace y'all! (Strange!) Real strange real strange (An overdose) A nickel bag of funk (We got beat!!) Now move on move on yeah ("Hey man are you ready to go?") Yeah Boogie jive and rap is life where I'm from Where I'm from, I might play with Izzy where I'm from Where I'm from, it be like, "run your coat black" Jupiter, keeps her fat beats by the pack Where I'm from, nappy hair is life We be reading Marx where I'm from The kids be rockin' Clarks where I'm from You turn around your cap, you talk over a beat and dig some sounds boomin' out a jeep Where I'm from, cocoons hide the youth, swoon units hundred proof You want some beef, they will cut you some Where I'm form, the beats is infinite where I'm from Voodoo, ashubani, gangsta lean where I'm from I'm interplanetary, my insect movements vary It's kinky if it's hair, G, where I'm from The firehoses blow, it's purple wind and snow I do a hit and go, split It's hip, what's hip? When hip is just the norm 'Cause Planets pledge allegiance to the funk in all it's forms The kinks, the dance, the prints in all the shirts My grandmother told my mother it's Africa at work On vibes, we freak, them universal beats You find it at the spot you hit at ends of every week We twist, exist, to spin the maddest hits Up here funk is our neighbor so we paid her a visit The lip we sip can't house the nine zips For rock we can't do nothin', for this we come equipped Off disc, off tape, rap blastin' til from eight The really truly fat the fly on the flip Cocoa gotta know, how Planets, gotta roll Speak the mega cool, get funky as a goal It's calm, relax, we're only some new jacks that acts from the funk but don't play the role Where you from? Weekend "Dig Plans" got T's where I'm from Where I'm from, it's Collins 13 where I'm from Where I'm from, brothers took the beat and got fly (Why?) That's most asked by 85, where I'm from Fakin' the funk you get did Projects, tenements, pyramids Where I'm from, we're livin' off the boom boom crack It's that hip hop rockers jazz when I max Peace be the greeting of the insect tribe Pestilent forces can't catch the vibe We live to love and we love to rock mics We speak in ghetto tongue cause ghetto's the life Food for thought so get a buffet plate The lyrics are so fat you might gain weight So just watch me step alone, into the sunset Left foot right foot one, two mic check Brewin' funk inside my soul kitchen So pull up a chair here's a bit have a listen of hardhead intervene, damn I know you're fluent Yeah, 'cause Doodle ain't havin' it and Butterfly knew it Where you from? Venus acts a fool at the square right? (Yeah) Doctors engineer in apparel right? (Yeah) Hip-Hop made a point last year right? (Yeah) But Planets is the joint this year right? (Yeah) Planets got the dubs and live to grass-hop Duck out from the fuzz, that sweat the hip-hop Risin' like we foam, get it from the dome I'm from where the fat beats stretch for mad blocks We can get a kit, without, no thread Feelin' funky beats go straight, to the head Fall into a club, dig on what we love It be past six, before we reach bed Butter freaks on relics we say, those are fat Doodle makin' silk, LaQuan, where it's at? We need to stack a sack, for rap to take us dap So we treat our clips, just like, bustin' caps Rip it til dawn, kick it til dawn Hip-Hop is the fix, or else, we be gone People thought they canned it, rap is not by bandits Digable Planets got it, goin' on Everywhere, every every where (yeah)