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Over My Head (Sexton Martin)

I'm looking out into the ocean This boy in a boat that I am Through the haze I can catch a glimpse Of the damage that's been done Miles like minutes they pass as I row And I count them in my head Further and further I seem to go From the home that I once made I raise the anchor, raise these tired hands And no direction and my pockets full of sand I'm over my head And the first few days of this journey Friends and strangers came aboard my ship Until the gifts of their passing Crowded my quarters with gold I've got no room for them anymore For I fear I might go under My anchor is tangled in weeds down below As I heed the distant thunder calling me Raise the question that's in front of me Clear as the sun I feel through the haze I'll never see I'm over my head on the crazy ocean I'm over my head on the stormy sea I'm over my head with a clear commotion I'm over my head and it's killing me I'll raise my bow to the winds that blow Face the storm face to face as I know She's banging hard on my cabin door So I face my fear face to face and what's more She's in front of me, she's in front of me But then she's gone for just awhile And I'm crying I'm over my headOther Martin Sexton songs