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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Hot Summer Nights (Miami Sound Machine)

In the time before the twilight Settles on the world Woah, you can feel the magic Dreamin' of someone to hold tight One more lonely girl Woah, goes on automatic Everywhere across the land In front of their mirrors with combs in their hands They prepare to make a stand Lover to lover, woman to man (Livin' for the...) Sidewalk hot summer nights Radio 'bout to blow Small talk under the lights Feel the heat, wild and sweet Hot summer nights Sitting out upon the front steps Bursting at the seams Woah, driven by desire City boy stares at the sunset Dreaming desperate dreams Woah, where there's smoke there's fire And some believe that love is won And some of them go like they're under the gun In between what's already done And the promise the feel in the evening to come (Livin' for the...) Oh, oh hot summer nights Oh, oh hot summer nights In the end two hearts will meet And maybe they'll find whatever they seek If they can, they'll learn how to keep The faith that they found in the sound of the beat (Out for those...)