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Background of Malfunction (Flux of Pink Indians)

Man created greed a choice of Who to feed a choice to live or die a choice to Smile or cry a love to give to all to make To beg or crawl a life there and the plans A pass to say was mans iventions Like the bomb a device to stop what's wrong a Chance to create a life similar To the last road to follow straight animal To fill the plate death that is so sad Rituals that are not mad like eating What is dead I thought that made man sad Obviously not the same breed animals To be tame so man can show the fists Cos only man exists Lion eats a man man invades It's land man prods it with a gun Always proving man has won Lion eats all but shoes big business on the news shocks Horrors family's stuffing all the bleeding meat in What a savage it ate a man I won't feed the lion's in the zoo again" "This steak is a lovely piece of meat I fancy a bit of rabbit next week" "Come on Thomas eat it up Sometimes I don't think you were worth the fuck!"