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Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout (Flux of Pink Indians)

e're all conditioned to think ten tellies are better than one and to blow this world up ten times is better than to blow it up once billions spent on destroying the world while millions starve, where did we go wrong? where did we go wrong? maybe you don't think that this is wrong? we as one are saying feed starving people fuck your bombs all through our lives we are shoved about some of us scream, some of us shout some of us complain, protest while others smile in ecstasy why is it accepted as the way to live our bodies falling through one big sieve we're sorted out, brushed and combed some smile, some frown some reject this way to live and pay the price to how they exist who are you? what are you? what do you do? what are you doing? what are you doing it for? what are you doing it for? we can't accept their disrespect their eyes and bombs that watch over us their systems creating war while society breeds hate and they make out that it's normal for people to fight and hate they shove toy guns on impressionable children their future soldiers of war? is it too late for us all to change? have we gone too far? we as one are saying we don't want your life no more fuck off