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Peter Gunn (Mancini Henry)

Every night your line is busy All that buzzin' makes me dizzy Couldn't count on all my fingers All the dates you had with swingers Bye, bye, bye, baby I'm gonna kiss you goodbye and go right through that doorway So long, I'm leaving This is the last time we'll meet on the street going your way Don't look surprised, you know you've buttered your bread So now it's fair, you should stare at the back of my head If you write a letter to me My former friend, don't you end with an R.S.V.P. I'm going bye, bye, I'm moving Tomorrow I may be splittin' to Britain or Norway I'm saying bye, bye, bye baby Now that I heard all that jazzing whereas I have had it, I've had it I'm through now with you now So baby it's au revouir Adios, ciao, ciao, goodbye