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Das Me (Brooke Candy)

Uh yo yo what up it's Brooke Candy Mother fucking freaky princess Brooke rap style is the queen of Italy Amount of candy, the price is right Double D's, these are real titties Lady T-H-C, Betty Blow Hoodrat Drew Barrymore I'm repin' fag mob all day Mother fucking faggots taking over the industry Mother fucking faggots running the world I'm a super bitch, I fuck it up, I do this shit You say that I'm a slut It ain't your business who I'm fucking with A dude could fuck 3 bitches and they'd say that he's the man But I get it in with twins, she's a whore That's what they saying It's time to take the back "Slut" is now a compliment A sexy-ass female who running shit and confident Lady who on top of it, a female with a sex drive Lyrically don't fuck with me, the greatest in the world Live living on my pussy, all my ladies let me hear you I'm a CEO, Dream girl, Drug Dealer Real just like my titties you can even cop a feel-a Finger licking good, treat my pussy like a meal-a Talk about my tit size I need to see your dick size Show me what you're working with I better win a big prize Next time they call you a slut Brooke Candy tell you not to give a fuck All the dudes wiggle your dicks for Brooke Candy All the hoes jiggle your tits for Brooke Candy If you gotta blunt, bitch don't let it pass me Looking for the realest bitch? tell the world DAS ME Tell 'em thats me,, tell 'em tell 'em Das me Tell 'em thats me,, tell 'em tell 'em Das me Looking for the realest bitch? tell the world Das me Tell 'em thats me,, tell 'em tell 'em Das me Eh I'm coming back in I could kill a bitch man, I'm so fucking crazy Gotta gun, to your dome, foaming mouth rabies Baby that's some real shit, I'm a Mob Boss Take a knife to your dick, I'm a cut your fucking loss Don't say a word, put the money in the bag I'm a tie you up bitch, yeah I like it when you gag Don't try nothing funny, bitch I came for the money I'm a rascally rabbit, rap game Bugs Bunny Trust no ho bitches out to get ya Staring at me so hard you need to take a picture It'll last longer you're so fucking late It's easy for you talking shit from that far away I'm on top of the world I'm on top of the game They don't show me respect they best remember the name Brooke Candy, the haters love to doubt me Candy is my name but there's nothing sweet about me Fag Mob killing shit Brooke candy realest shit Tight twat white hot feel this shit feel this shit Gotta blunt roll it up Liquor store hold it up Uzi in my hand bitch blow it up blow it up