Heaven (Tormentor)

The gate is opened up in front of us Let's step into the holy heaven Let's go! Maybe we are glad That the saint doesn't love us Beautiful girls with cast down eyes Grey-haired aged men sublimed Who are standing, sitting and lying Spending their paradises days The simple beauty Fascinating out eyes But something isn't right Have a look into their hellish souls Their disguise fell down The bestial orgies are going on Men, women, virgins, children Hideous, disgusting sodomy The blind shining childish dream Uncovered by full bosoms Perspiring underarms Fully golden dishes Plentiful beard nice ripper Adipose tight fiancee She shows what she can but For the old men it isn't much Nectar and everything how delicious Vomitory into the rusty stoops Smelly blow is growing in dreamworld Gods are laying in ecstasy After the good feast The angels are flying The andromania Became infectious