Living In False Eternity (Silent Descent)

I walk through my valley in ignorance, The path I walk ever changing it's direction, From light to dark, from deep to heart; I looked forward. Everything swirls and blurs, A perfect blend between light and dark. I see clearly up to one step forward, And take paths winding. Thoughts compelling me to move forward; I look back, I see clearer for miles, but I've hardly moved. Yet in reality I'm pushed towards the unknown, Ghost of paths I should've taken. I spy with my little eye something beginning with death. Descending into silence, The obsession is in us all. You are the drug that inhales me, Yet I live to watch you fall. I walk forward now in the path of regret, Seeing mirrors surrounding facing back. Sun gleams on what should've been. Flowers of past, withered and trampled upon; My eyes comforted by something new, A rose, the deepest red you could see or feel I wonder how to approach. Hundreds of paths of purity gleam in front of me, I decipher whether to approach the idyllic. As I walk the path turns brown, nothing seen before, I set my hand upon the flower; It changes colour making me feel like God. My hands are bound in red My hands are bound in red All I see is green I open my arms and it consumes me, A new power rushes through my veins. The strength in my chest has gone, But everywhere else thrives.