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Give And Take (Young Bleed)

Hey yo, turn the headphones up a lil' bit Alright, yea alright, umm, umm, yo yo Yo, yo, yo, yo ,yo Yo, ain't no mistakes, they say give and take And if you know like I know, you gotta live the breaks Numbing all the dope infested Unprotected ghetto life style with killer crime records I make it a point to understand this ain't wonderland It's either kill or be killed, law of the land Just to see that my mind expand rapidly I can't lose sleep, I stay on my feet and flip enough to eat yo Ain't nothing sweet when milk money ain't enough to feed the tummy We mummified in this land of milk and honey Home of the never free, become ghetto celebrities Living in jeopardy, playing around where some will never be Take it in stride, that's how we ride through the streets where I'm from Trying to get some, hoping for the big one seven figures and them some Make it and spend some, hustling with the man steady taking your income Ya heard me? hook See you win some, you lose some And then you spend some on em' when you choose em' See it's a cold world, and it's a cold game But if you learn to give and take it ain't no thang (2x) Nigga break bread with me, stay ahead with me And if your loyal then you know your gonna fare it with me, say it with me And play it with me rugged raw style Respect my mind, I'm looking nothing like your product child You know I let the beats bang and slowly do my thang If you can't hang then say you can't hang nigga What I deliver will give em' shivvers in the night time And I ain't trippin' I just write rhymes about my lifetime How I stand secure when the pressure endure While the rest fall off they ain't sure To mimick my methods I won't except it if the truth ain't true I watch em' die in disguise wicked as voodoo Niggas holler who, what, where, and when you want to try Know your dealing with a hustler living it do or die Don't ask why, my nigga this just fate In this life we life, you gotta give and take, that's how it operates hook I'm looking for a ONE-TIME in the summer in the city Where the girls look good, but they attitudes shitty With a fifty sack of sticky bailing up G Street Through the corner projects hauling my heat I heard they took my partner out the game last week We come from the same streets now they trying to blast me More money more murder, I'm cold-blooded and these hoes love it But that's the quickest downfall and I'm for sho' you know It's like time keep on slippin' and niggas keep trippin' So I keep a nine with the clip in Holstered up hot and heated You can thank it's a game but come and see it to believe it You ain't know, I'm representin' out that dirty-dirt Southside nigga living untrustworthy You heard me, where word be wicked and rotten See a gun and nigga fuck what you saw You know, for sho' hook