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Lil Poppa Got A Brand New Bag (Young Bleed)

Young Bleed] Go get that paper Lil Pop, fuck all that drama and drag Don't stop for nuttin my noggin just put it down with a sag I never knew nothin better than choppin cheddar for cheese Passin my enemies, blowin in the breeze Don't make it no murder my nigga, niggaz die young where I'm from Sippin on redrum, poppin til the dead drunk Make money my nigga but keep it real doe cause Soldier boyz be stompin in steel toes, with nuttin to live foe, ya heard me fool? That's how I come up, that's how it go down Niggaz and bitches make the world go 'round, without a sound We clown low down and dirty with the Dirty Dirty flippin from a nickel bag of weed, to a thirty thirty Holla at ya boy, umeployed, in the welfare line gettin mine smellin like a pound of paiyan, however we shine in blind fury dodgin the judge and the jury They wanna beat me but can't see me cause they vision too blurry I ride from state to state, seein them checkin my plate It's like, everywhere you go they gotta playa hate a nigga main I do my thang from here to Maine, like it ain't no thang (What? Uhh) Cause see you gotta let em hang main, fuck that shit [Maxinelli] Nigga, get your minnnnd right, cause when the timmmmme's right Niggaz'll put yo' ass to sleep, I thinks deep (Huh bro?) Fuck what you heard, you gots to see to believe And if you blind to visualize a nigga chasin this cheese Down on my knees at my bedside, sayin my grace cause in the mornin I'll be gone a nigga makin my way, OK I keep em jumpin like the jacks to little macks, my netti ready for confedi and FUCK what they tryin to tell me I'm bout to get it and the only way I know is rappin if it don't happen I'm makin bitches hit the flo', you know Fuck block to block hoe, it's coast to coast, and it's easy we G and do it legit those raps with locs On the fork but game sharper than a surgeon for scalpel You wanna battle no hassle come let me kick it whatcha asked foe and razzle yo' ass, nut up like heaven and hash as my little brain's tearin the tenament blast; they pity ass but I'm flickin my ashes stickin asses of bastards Fieldin shit like flea flickers and kickin it with G niggaz See what you makin with the raise at your job is what a nigga like this here can shake two days in the mob and I could (do what main?) be my own boss employed by the streets I'm chasin Jakes and player haitian on Friday the 15th with my Air Mack splendid Nike's on my feet With weed in the air, soul secluded from the police Cause I'm a little on the wild side, thuggin and pluggin that make a nigga wanna jack for the fuck of it, but see I makes peace to get the shit a nigga wish he could have Long as you stay the fuck out they pop a brand new bag, nigga what