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Time And Money (Young Bleed)

[Young Bleed] See, we can make it happen and keep em jumpin like jacks If ya know that's a nigga aphrodesiac Nigga, where the geez be at? You can catch me chillin steady feelin' like what what what Y'all niggas get the feelin' huh Willin' and able to snatch the money off the table and keep bailin' And hailin' them twigs, nigga ain't no tellin' Steady hustlin' high it's do or die for a hustla Do your thing remain same and loyal customers Pack your things with mufflers and watch yo back It's like that, we gon' ice that But if they strike back is you ready for me? Better be, some hoes will never be Slippin' in this game, nigga never me Nigga, don't give a fuck if ya bigger The zag zipper got it off the hook Know the bitches, no look haters don't wanna crumble the crook Leave em shook, keep flippin' em See that's the past time, but nigga, your boys follow me, I'm gonna blast mine Nigga huh, nigga what [Chorus x2: Young Bleed] Time is money, money is time, That Nigga Bleed and Too Short done hopped on the grind, Call it a crime, that's the life of a hustla, Anything in my way, I"m comin' for your jugular [Too Short says "Bitch!" throughout repeat] [Too $hort] Now where you think you goin' bitch, I ain't through with you I ain't seen no other hoes I wanna do it to Got you hella drunk, so I might as well keep you Take you to a hotel and freak you bitch Short Dogg gettin' at that ass I stripped her butt naked then I tapped that ass I could tell the way she dance, she like to fuck Gotta get her out the pants, I like em up Punk bitches stare, they can't compare to you These fake hoes don't know what real players do, bitch I popped in the nudey tape, bitch I love the way the booty shakes So when I hit it from the backside say oh shit Gotta get it like that while I stroke the clit Roll a big fat join start smokin' it Cuz I'm a real ass nigga I ain't jokin' Bitch, bitch, bitch, BEOTCH [Chorus: Too $hort] Time is money, money is time, That Nigga Bleed and Too Short done hopped on the grind, Call it a crime, that's the life of a hustla, And if ya get in my way, you gettin' fucked up BITCH [Young Bleed] Lookin' at the sunshine and it's about that time Fo a nigga like me to get down for mine From the heavens to the clouds, for the sky to the earth, Breakin' dirt For whatever it's worth You know, gotta take it slow though People gonna wanna take my photo You don't know though, that's why I stay solo Hounded like a mad man, kickin' up dust Ready to bust on whoever wanna get in my way No more discussion, what's the repercussion? When it really don't matter, niggas get shattered dreams, When they see the buckshots scatter Save the chatter for the mama, you ain't bout no drama I can see it in ya eyes, your just another number Welcome to the world of the hustlas, playas, and pimps Where if it don't make dollars, then it don't make sense That's evidence, I touched the game and no left no fingerprints And dug up the grave of slaves, flippin' dead presidents, ya heard me [Chorus: Young Bleed][solo x2] [Young Bleed] Young Bleed, Too Short, 99, know what I'm sayin, one time nigga