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Midnight Blue (Gramm Lou)

Ain't got no regrets And I ain't losin' track Of which way I'm going Ain't gonna double back Don't want no misplay Put on no display An angel? no! But I know my way I used follow Yeah, that's true But my following days are over Now I just gotta follow through I remember what my father said He said "Son, life is simple" It's either cherry red or [Chorus] Midnight blue Oh midnight blue, oh You were the restless one And you did not care That I was the trouble boy Lookin' for a double dare I won't apologize for The things I've done and said But when I win your heart, I'm gonna paint it cherry red I don't want to talk about it What you do to me I can't live without it And you might think that It's much too soon For us to go this far into the [Chorus] Things could be different But that'd be a shame, 'cause I'm the one who could feel the sun Right in the pouring rain I won't say where And I don't know when But soon there's gonna come a day I'll be back again Yeah, I'll be back for you You see, I'm saving up my love [Chorus]