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Old Soldiers Never Die (Monroe Vaughn)

Chorus: Old Soldier's Never Die Never die, never die Old Soldier's Never Die They just fade away On the seventh day of December In the year of forty-one The free world met disaster At the hands of the Rising Sun From the bastions of Corregidor Pearl Harbor and Bataan Came the sound of war and fury And the Death March of free man. Then from the land Of way down under A mighty voice did say Our cause is just In God we trust I will return someday From Mindanao to Tarawa Our battle song it grew Till on Surabachi At last Old Glory flew From Iwo, Leyte And a thousand Isles Our just cause never ceased Until one day, he did return And once more, there was peace Now somewhere, there stands the man His duty o'er and won The world will ne'er forget him To him we say, "Well done" (Chorus)