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Never Saw It Comin' (The Vincent Black Shadow)

It's a fine line Doin' time and doin' lines Off the back of a hooker like a big time Creepin' in the shadows like a locus plague Black dog days every which way Getting high, I'm seeing flies In your skin, under knuckles, using trucker time Creepin' in the shadows of a homicide Crack doctor on his darkest day This is the thing I've been tryin' to tell ya Nothing is forever so you best get sellin' ya This is the way it goes down, I tell ya I see a storm comin', gonna get what you gave This is the thing I've been tryin' to tell ya Nothing is forever, so you gotta give it back, bitch Never saw it comin' till it hit you in the f**kin' face Storm comin' on the wind, bringin' that darkness back! It's a slight tell Raisin' up the white cell Goin' pale Turnin' everything you got to nothin' Thinkin' livin' is the shit, sucka' Now you're in the shit, unfit f**ker Give tia sweat fit to nothin' (?) Thinkin' thrill seekin' shit's clippin' It ain't real, you're trapped And now you're gonna die Lost at sea, lost at three, Die da dee Put down the gun it's me Fallin' off the rails like a speedin' dagger, No rockin' roll kick, no rap swagger Just another leaves(?) a stroke in the end Use a timberland It's never over till you're dead, dead, dead Bring on a lepurcan singin' gold scene songs of the long gone I got a piece of the pie from an IRS lie I'll claim it when I die