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Stupid Intruders (The Vincent Black Shadow)

Stupid intruders came and ruined an empty space I don't know why I bother fronting a nice face, it's fake I took a test and found out things that I knew before It's all genetic that I find you a huge bore I won't pretend it's not a meat locker in this place The stink is massive and it waters my eyes like mace You need to read more and then maybe you'll be okay But that's just science being dumb Sitting on a chaise I'm catching information on this stupid place Maybe in another life I fought a war and had a hundred wives It’s not easy, they say it’s easy but I’d rather be stuck and roasted I know that would please me You don’t see me, you think you see me But I’m rabid and hibernating Simultaneously Who are you to give me tips on me? You don’t know me And that’s the problem A filthy breeder came and ruined an empty space The things I say don’t really mean that much I guess that’s okay I took a train and saw a place I had been before I saw the stars and ice and blades and a dead horse I won’t pretend it’s not a meat locker in this place I read the book I know the movie won’t be the same How can a story fit inside such a tiny space I know that metaphor was dumb