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No, Surrender (Currie Justin)

Big Macs for the fat, lo-cal wraps for the call centre battery hens, Japanese snacks for the choice-spoilt citizens, caviar kickbacks for the citadel denizens. Airport shoeshines servicing the suits among the little silver stereos and hand-rolled cheroots, First class passengers file on last after the scum are packed in with their tax-free loot. Checkout calamity, you're cheated out of loyalty points, ten more years at this joint you'd be home & dry, Beggars beat round the cash machines but you just slip between them with the usual lie. Terrible tales of kidnapped kids keep you focused on the family and filling up the fridge, Neighbourhood watchers shop dole dodgers, stick their semis on the market & start racking up the bids. Should you stand and fight, should you die for what you think is right So your useless contribution will be remembered? If you're asking me I say no, surrender. Constant growth the cancerous cure, a swarming race of profiteers ensure Cheap cars for the rich, cheap lives for the poor, cheap weeks in the sun, free drinks at the door. Puerile propaganda plugs up the TV, keep folk following the money so they'll never be free Keep them swallowing the swill, the celebrities, the paedophiles, the immigrants invading from the camp over the hill. War talk, the big debate, footsoldiers in the capitol liberating new kinds of hate Cum-shots of human dots caught in the spotlight's glare