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Deception Never Looked So Good (Camisado)

One day you’ll come crawling back to me And when you finally do We’ll be seeing eye to eye Because I never stopped crawling back to you Your eyes look worried A look all to familiar And its not like you To be just like you You looked my right in the eyes And said it would be alright I should have never believed those lies I should have seen it in your eyes You leave my eyes starved and begging for more Deception never looked so good before It looks theirs a liar among us Someone is not who they claim to be “I hope they don’t know it’s me” No matter how much I push I know that I loved once No matter the walls I put up I know I was loved once So even through these dark days Though it may be hard to see I know out that somewhere out there There’s a light that’s just for me Here lies the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known