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Sincerely The Body Electric (Camisado)

I am the fire inside your heart I am the light that burns I am the spark that turns you on Where have I been? We will write on these walls and sink to the floor This whole collapse, this is not mine But it never breaks my skin Where do I begin? "I want to control you," you said to me I am you the real you, every piece of me This is where song meets body Returning what you have brought me Ohhhh "Why are you doing this to me?" Why are you doing this? "Why are you doing this to me?" Because you are perfect Taking every piece apart Leaving my heart in stitches This is the new me Where have I been? Every time you see these eyes You'll never forget what they meant You'll receive it the way that you left it Sincerely, Rip open my chest, completely steal my soul Everything that I had left is not in my control Rip open my chest