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Fade To Flames (Fifth Angel)

Here in this silent world, I know it's sure Only in days of cold could I speak the words Now I'm cast out again, sent far away There's nothing left of me, on my judgment day Sailing an endless sea, chained down by the force in the sky I feel like a criminal, that's fallen and been left to die If I walked in the land below, I could return to the sea And watched as this criminal reached evil and set himself free (And) then he came, I did not feel the same Promises made, then he just fades away "Now he must crawl to me, lies burning his soul" "If he feels the love again, then he'll be saved from below" So he looked at him through the door, all the torture and pain in his eyes There's a feeling I got when he spoke, that forbade me to reach for the sky What did he say? He thought it was all insane So he might die, then burn in fire Laughing at Satan's door, I could not see where to run And he looks through me once again, and he knows he has not won Back in the endless sea, I'm leaving the darkness behind Back in this silent world, I've fallen and been left to die What could I say, in the end I'll just fade away Why should I try, I'd just feed the fire