The Hood (Trillville)

Ladies and Gentleman, (what?) I'd like to welcome you .(welcome what?) To the life and times of Trillville (Trillville?) I be your God on this here Jonny (uh huh) It's your boy Lil' Jon checkin' it (yea yeah) And first-off (whaddup?) I let my nigga Dirrty Mouth holla atchu. We can take it to the street nigga if you got beef 'Cause ain't home with it I'ma knock out your teeth Wear your fake-ass niggas keepin' talkin' shit I'm in your damn house with your girl on my dick I'm the realest muthafucka when it comes to makin' hits So shut tha fuck up before I bust you in the lip The street life's on for the best to go home Is damn you late for a as I shine on the chrome Aimin' at your doam buck-shot rain (rain) I'm deep offa damn, when a nigga 'bout to explain Nigga fuck tha fame all I want is the doe (doe) My ain't Dough Bussa so don't be try me like a hoe I'm not your everyday dough that I'm at your seat everyday I rob just a deal just to get my ass paid I shine like a brave on a old school A nigga act a fool if a nigga break the rule, fo'real. Dirrty Mouth spittin' at you bitches and niggas (uh huh) 'specially tellin'you fake-ass nigga out there (Fuck y'all) you know real recognize real (Yeah) and fake niggas always wanna hate and shit (Yeah) you hattin' niggas we gon' find y'all We gon' sip you out (Yeah) (hah) Holla at them Don P. I know for a fact you ain't ready for the street You suckas rain nigga on this country You fall to the ground disrespect to my feet You sound raw nigga go home you can't compete They tryna be me, they watch TV They try to imitate and that's what make 'em fake 'Cause the hood ain't actin' niggas start relaxin' Thinkin' they can live in this world without packin' Somethin' Janet Jackson, nigga still lovin' And how we broke it down like a mothafuckin' cratchin' Too transation and won't nodbody assin' Until you raise your mouth like a mothafuckin' fagot It ain't no burriations niggas still hatin' But I guess I hate too 'Cause ain't the music that they creatin' Hoes that they savin', Plans that they makin' Whoever else like so I hate they fan bases (Yeah) Y'all ain't neva see a nigga like me I've been all around the mothafuckin' world (All over the place nigga) All over this bitch You know hatin' niggas everywhere you mu'fuckas go Disrespect niggas everywhere you mu'fuckas go But you know why? All them hatin' niggas They makes real niggas that best most strong (Yeah, yeah) Tell 'em L.A. Look you ain't ready for the streets (streets) And you claim to be hard, but you weak (weak) A bad bitch and you swear that beat (beat) The only thang you probably touch was a feet (feet) You bitchin' me now, picture me I'm sorry Get your ass sumen boi it ain't workin' You don't want a Trill nigga you ? You need to take your ass home and neva ? Give me the bitch hard like a dick (dick) Ready to fuck (fuck) we ain't takin' shit (shit) We gon' bust your nuts (pow pow pow pow) But still some niggas do it for a mill (mill) If times get hard then you gain up your grill (grill) Fo' real, the hood, man where a nigga live And I ain't trippin', 'cause that where I had the deal Shit, and made a young nigga even stronger I guess that's the reason why a nigga stay baller (Hey) (Hey, hey) Yo, ain't no nigga Is gonna stop my mothafuckin' paper (Neva that) Non a nigga, you knawmean? (Yeah) I'm out here on my hustle everyday (Yeah) Nigga I ain't sellin' dope But I'm sellin' this beats and shit Rhymes and all this bullshit (Yeah) I'm sellin' this Crunk Energy Drink (Yeah) Yo, I'm sellin'all kinda shit Nigga I'm CD's, DVD's, nigga What eva you need (uh) My niggas Trillville, they always gonna keep it mothafuckin' real BME, BME, BME Click (Yeah, yeah) We about this bitch! Real stay real and fake always stay fake Neva mothafuckin' hate.