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Back To The Basics (MC Shan)

Come on y'all Get down It might've took a while But you knew I had to hit you with a brand new funky rhyme Guess you already know, so I'm ready to go Marlon, hit me with the beat one time Right now I'm gonna introduce myself So y'all know just who I be All you suckers in the house stay quiet as a mouse Instead of Shan call me Mr. MC I'm goin' back to the basics When I was just a young boy, who ever would've thought I'd grow up to be an MC But my rhymes are so nice that they paid my price Because fortune and fame ain't free These words I'm recitin' are written in a style That you ain't heard in a long time And a song like this'll make a rapper reminisce About the days when he was in his prime I ain't never lost no battles yet What made you think I would? How many times does it take, all the rappers I break And you still don't think I'm good This girl in my class tried to move too fast When she tried to pull down my zipper Well, things got strange when the whole scene changed And I all out tried to strip her Teacher stepped in between, sent me straight to the Dean That's where I thought my journey ended Call your moms up to school, are you some fool? And forget about bein' suspended You went back to the basics Here's the story on how I got started Yes, way back in the day With my man Infinite, Jazzy, Akim And fly girl Roxanne Shanté People used to hear that our crew was nice But rappers just had to be convinced And those who walked through 12th Street tried to say a rhyme You seen or heard from em since We sent em back to the basics Yes yes y'all, it's like this y'all MC Shan with a brand new twist y'all One day when me and Marley Marl was playin' in a ditch We made this jam that we knew would slam And some day it would make us rich Marley Marl had be thirty-six bass bottoms And he cut you up on the spot And with my rhymes combined all the papers got signed And the be, be, be, be, Bridge got dropped We went back to the basics