M.c. Space (MC Shan)

[ computer voice ] You have completed... Enter identification code ...information... [VERSE 1: MC Shan] Where I come from, we never heard of bite We can write the freshest rhymes at the speed of light All my planet, we're the real McCoy And it's you Earth MC's that I wish to destroy When I rhyme I'm never out of place I take you on a voyage to outer space Every rap I make, you know it always sells I fly the galaxy wearin laser Cazels I can fly from place to place quicker than you can snap I'm known as the space wizard of rap Depend on how I feel, if it's only for fun I take my mic off of 'kill' and I set it to 'stun' Sometimes my rhymes do inflict pain Sends electrical impulses through your brain In your Earthling ears my rhymes are caught Transmitted to your brain is what's known as thought I can see the devastation as I look in your face Listen to how the deejays rock up in space [VERSE 2: MC Shan] To call yourself MC, are you out of your mind? You have to have a golden voice similar to mine But when you have a jam that is cold set You play the same old records, one right after the next For you to win the battle, Earth will have no chance With the spinning of two records, and you call that advanced? To do that on my planet you'd be taking a risk Because the beats we play out live, and that's not on a disc The first time that they see it, they might be amazed And say, "Why should we commit ourselves to permanent waste?" That's why it is impossible for us to lose Plug in the microchip of any beat that we choose One thing where Earth and my people might match That is the similarity and sound of the scratch We have stamina, and also have poise The only difference is our scratch is no sonic noise To take Earth MC's out is what I wish to achieve Once this is accomplished I be destined to leave When I leave they'll call me an ace That cool MC from outer space [VERSE 3: MC Shan] Although my color just might be green I'm the flyest space MC that you ever seen It might be in your future cause it can't be your past But the reign of Earth MC's don't have too long to last All you fresh MC's, you should feel ashamed The wack around the world, you put em down with the game They get on the mic and be coppin a plead About how good they rock on the m-i-c On my planet you must take a test I'm at the top of my class because I'm the best I use my rhyming skills for what it is worth That's why I'm here to battle all MC's of Earth If you take me out which ain't been done before You might just start a interplanetary war The war won't be to kill John and Steven The whole point of it is to get even The war's to get even, I will say indeed And I will come back every year till the day I succeed I hope I didn't stand here and offend you too much If you ever wanna battle, then get in touch So I can come back and dis your face Pick up the telephone and dial MC Space