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Where The Haters At (Guerilla Maab)

[Dougie D] What you know about the boys in Texas, we sipping and swang And knocking and gripping the grain, and floss and let the screens rain And tip-toe crawling down slow, and we sliding the city Candy dripping off of the Lac, or the Benz or the Bentley Creased up pieced up, smelling like Gucci or Versace Bitches they love me and bop me, niggaz they love me deny me Trunk cracked with the top back, we ride I keep my glock coked, up on 84's my car bitch we glide And you ain't know we keep it crunk, sitting low Excursion that bump Four do's pop and lock up, you feel me throw the deuce up Maabing and mashing the gas, soldiers united for cash f**king with deadly can mash, it's Guerilla Maab we ain't had How a playa does it I is, I put that up on my kids Z-Ro and Trae in the mix, with G.I.N. balling and shit We hitting hoes with the dick, fifth wheel recline with the kit Smoking light green it's bliss, watch how do it like this like this [Hook: Dougie D & (Trae) - 2x] You ain't never seen a nigga crawling down so thoed C-note, four do', swanging glass 84's (You ain't never seen a nigga that could do it like that Trunk cracked top back, yelling where them haters at) [Trae] I'm so throwed, crawling on 84's Swanging and tipping slow, body rocking with a bad hoe Nigga we tote techs, don't barre plex and blinding with a Rolex Out the Southside of Houston Tex, where the thug niggaz fon't rest We too playa, better cuff your hoe when I walk up in the do' A certified Maab type nigga, tinted up in the fo' do' See I'm a chrome zone rider, you dirty boppers get nada Better stay the f**k from my casa, we clicked up like that Raza One of a kind legendary thoed mouthpiece For the Southwest, on back to the Southeast You haters better get up off me, candy painted on a Kawasaki With my nigga H.A.W.K., blue face falling over gray Staying ready for the pistol play, it's be best not to f**k with Trae Cause we Screwed Up Click thug niggaz, we push and we shove niggaz Running up in the club nigga, when it's plex we plug niggaz Texas tough, trunk pop, screens on two tone Grab a chrome, for the haters till they all get gone [Hook - 2x] [Z-Ro] You ain't never seen another nigga, holding like me You ain't seen a nigga with Benjamins, folding like me You ain't never seen a guerilla, that's looking so lovely Have you seen a jacuzzi, that's running over with bubbly You aint never seen a nigga, represent the Dirty 3rd You ain't seen me lately, cause I been ducking the whirly bird You ain't never seen a nigga, put mo' food on the table Z-Ro, Guerilla Maab, Cl'Che and Mello on the same label You never seen a billboard, get hit so fast Cause I'm a real nigga, that kinda put a foot in yo ass Have you ever seen a nigga, roll the dice like me Got big swoll ass partnas, named Bice like me Have you ever seen a nigga, write a verse so fast Plus I burst so fast, you gonna hurt so fast Have you ever seen a nigga, with more skills than me Blowing mo' dro, sipping drank, popping mo' pills than me [Hook - 4x]