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Broken Bodies (Time Again)

I started out on this war that I fight, Homeless and hungry I walked through the night, Wandered the streets with nowhere to go And I walked through this life and I felt so alone, People would tell me that I am so lost, But I will never give up no matter the cost, I will never throw down all of my cards I will be victorious with all of my scars. [Chorus:] I fight this war, but I fight alone. With broken bodies and broken bones. I fight disaster, fire and brimstone. With broken bodies and broken bones. For so many years people questioned my fate, They all wrote me off, said I was too late, Staring up I saw the look in their eyes, Nothing but hate, wore a smile as disguise, Do you think I've forgotten where I came from? Do you think I've forgotten when you called me a bum? I will forget but I will not let go, Until the end of time I just want you to know.