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Never Give Up (Time Again)

From the streets of San Diego To the slums of echo park Broke down and homeless, That's where I got my start I bounced around for years doing this and that But now I'm doing good and I'm never looking back I began with nothing, I still ain't got much And when life had me down I had to be tough From the age of fourteen I was on my own No one would do it for me so I did it alone Shelter to shelter, and jail to jail I'm here to tell you right now that I will not fail I wish all my old friends could see me now Cause they never would believe what I am doing now Cause I never gave up (never give up) I never gave up And right now I'm where I wanna be Maybe not for you but it's good enough for me I don't need no fancy cars or no diamond rings All I wanna do is get on stage and sing Because my dream is today and I'm doing it strong No matter what the odds I will still push on I will do it for the poor who have no voice And for all of the victims who had no choice I will do it for the weak who cannot fight And for those who were wronged I will make things right It's been an uphill battle, my fingers have bled But I'm almost there and I'm far from dead