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Streetwalker (Time Again)

She was a street walker. Her life was all gone, Couldn't understand how it all went wrong, Now she's on the corner twenty dollars at a time With her broken spirit and her shattered spine, Getting beaten and raped and left for dead, How she got here will it never be said, With blood from her nose, pipe burns on her lips, Bruises on her eyes and bruises on her hips, Will she ever learn that she'll never win. [Chorus:] Street walker walking down the avenues, Street walker, her obituaries in the news. Days go by and years do too And she's still got a face that's black and blue, To her it's like a dream, she forgot what's real, The cracks the only high that she still feels And she had three kids that she left behind From some dude, traded sex for a dime And she still don't care about nothing but dope, It's the only way that she knows how to cope, Will she ever learn that she'll never win.