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Lyrictricity (One Be Lo)

Yo, Check out this high voltage, I got the AC-DC To shock emcees and leave them whining like C-C So B-B, on the lookout, I'm live wire You can't handle me, gzzz gzzz, I start fires Crossing my path, don't make me laugh, it ain't worth it Caught a nurses on my verses blowing all your circuits Peep the current, cause what I bring to the mic, is like Benjamin Franklin with a string and a kite Electrocute emcees who battle weak- wait awhile My flow is like death row- have a seat Every sentenced executed every time I said a verse My frequencies tipped your measurements, we're in megahertz Even with rubber gloves you still couldn't touch it Make sure you're grounded when I'm, bzzz bzzz, buss' it You catch a heart attack, I take the headphones off my ear Put them on his chest and tell the room to stand clear This is how I operate, you don't know the half I'm half-freestyle innovator, half power generator Got a short fuse when it comes to whack emcees I smack the taste out their mouth, like a nine-volt battery I strike with a thunderbolt's accuracy Zig, zag, zig through the crowd hit the tallest kid in the back of me Electromagnetic draw the crowd with my polarity And lyrical orig-zid-zid-zid-inality