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Used 2 Be Fly (One Be Lo)

Hi guys! I'ma try to do a little poetry for y'all (alright, do it then!) This original piece, written by me, fly guy (alright) And I wanna dedicate this piece to all you playas (yeah, yeah!) And all you ladies out there (ohh baby) I ain't got no time for no games, doper than your cocaine Hip-hop took a loss, I'm here to bring it back like Rogaine Check it, you know it ain't no thing I get inducted in the Hip-Hop Hall-O-Fame See me and mines ride the track in the soul train Doin more things, pullin mo' strings than Alice Coltrane We puttin in work, cause gettin jerked is so lame That's why not too many people get to know Lo's name (they call me clever) Call me clever cause I never say the same old thang When OneBeLo came I made your hero change See I was rockin mics when I had zero change (for real dawg) Now I rock the mic and I can see mo' thangs (this is real y'all) We used to blow flames (yup) now we blow spots like a tank of propane What I do to wack MCs, no remorse and no shame (no regrets) Code name, 00 James, got you in range My aim, trained to blow brains (bloaw!) F what you proclaim Seein me is like seein Superman when Clark is with Lois Lane Or sayin my flow is lame, when you know it bang (you know you lyin right) Just because we don't play, don't mean we don't know the game I'm tryin to get paid, yeah +Money+, it +Ain't a Thang+ But life is more than "drop tops switchin fo' lanes" You was just another star in the astro plane Your whole flow changed when your cash flow came Your manager, your label, who your ass gon' blame? When you used to be fly but you crashed your plane You used to be fly but you crashed your plane I said you used to be fly but you crashed your plane "See, I speak up, when I, as soon as my foot hits the plane I speak out - 'Hope the plane don't crash!' I tell you that boy's a genius, I'm tellin you!" Verse two, I met her at my J-O-B Everybody thought she looked like T-Boz from TLC (she was FINE!) We was friends in the beginnin, talkin on the phone One time, I spent a night, ever since then, had it goin on (bang, bang) Now guess who's movin in the crib with her and her two kids Her crazy baby daddy on some Glenn Close shit (crazy dude) She told me how he used to beat her, and badly bruise her Said if I was the man of her dreams this other kid was like Freddy Krueger (nightmares) "All men ain't shit," I felt like I had somethin to prove to her Tried to stay faithful (I tried) tried to keep food on the table Plus start a record label (damn, shit) I'm breakin my back Cause I ain't got it like that, see I was only 21 and that's a lot of weight to carry Plus we wasn't even married We had ups and downs, yeah I made some mistakes Now she all up in my face talkin bout she needs space Confused, and don't know who to choose It was a blessing in disguise cause it opened up my eyes It helped me realize that it wasn't meant to be I guess she figured if she satisfied me sexual-ly Then, I'd be a sucker for L-O-V-E But guess what, I'm not a sucker for L-O-V-E (hell nah) And just because you got the good sex girl I'm out like Guru (girls look sooo good) ex-girl to the next girl Time go by, I'm still rockin the mic I heard through the grapevine she got back with Ike One day I see her at the store, surprise, surprise She wore sunglasses (sunglasses) to cover up the black eye Talkin bout she wanna give it one last try Smiled, but I could tell she wanted to cry She said, "Think about it" - I said, "Nah baby chill" You could tell I wasn't jokin by the look on my grill She said, "What's the matter, don't you love me the same?" I said you used to be fly but you crashed your plane You used to be fly but you crashed your plane You used to be fly but you crashed your plane Nah, now this ain't a joint, to disrespect you, nah nah Yo yo, this ain't a joint, to disrespect you...