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Break In The Clouds (Mallonee Bill)

For God's sake man, just look there as the city sleeps She's all tangled up in her dirty dream sheets And the storms? Well, they're all spent now Here is your dusty pearl. She's such a lonely girl Here is another world...and a break in the clouds I couldn't find my name on your guest list once again But the door-man of life just opens up and lets me in To your room where your tweed is sweet and loud She is a shiny girl Kind of a solid state girl Here's is your other world...and a break in the clouds Now what i found about the truth is she usually don't get heard And what i think about Love is she always gets the last word on the streets of this God-forsaken town That is a shiny pearl She's such a pretty girl Ah, yeah in this God-forsaken town She's such a lonely girl Kinda of a dusty pearl Here is your other world....and break in the clouds