Once Your Heart Gets Broken (it Just Keeps On Breaking) (Mallonee Bill)

It came as a whisper...yeah, it came in the night Just as you were driving...past the neon lights And it was last call...surely that’s enough said All that once was given...turned from green to red CHORUS: One thing they don’t tell you...but, there is no mistakin’ Once your heart gets broken, kid...it just keeps on breaking Another one down...3rd one this week Reporters speculate...about toxicity And it was said that he trafficked...with magic potions Aren't we’re filling our holes? Aren't we picking our poisons? CHORUS: One thing they don’t tell you...cause we're good at fakin' Once your heart gets broken, kid It just keeps on breaking...it just keeps on breaking All the simple truths...that take you by surprise They come into sharp relief...in a certain slant of light Time to drop you bags...time to pick up your key Don’t worry tipping the bellboy...you won’t need your things CHORUS: One thing they don’t tell you...till after you’re shaken Once your heart gets broken... It just keeps on breaking... It just keeps on breaking