Ascension Of The Obscure Moon (Black Witchery)

I walked through a gateway within a gateway in the midst of sulfur black darkness blackened by the heavens the obscurity inside of me was lit by your Flames Praise the darkness that covered the light prophecies of the sign of doom all of my flesh will come to your adoration only here can my soul be reborn Lord of the world, angel of the abyss see the cathedral I built within my black soul Invoking the sign of the coming end time the apocalyptic scar reveals the divinity's secret of the swine proclamation of the sign of doom Desecration of hollow purity profaned seven angels with broken seven trumpets Lord of the world, angel of the abyss crushing the worthless era of silence and peace the ever-flowing Darkness of Lucifer reigns prayer and worship swept by profane blasphemies Crucified to death the christian blind messiah ceased death celebrated the advent of the cross there is no risen corpse of God to see pray for the judgement of the final arrival