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Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom (Black Witchery)

The Morbid Will in Man is to Destroy What is said to be the Imperishable Kingdom For everything Hath to Perish Before Thee Weltering In Blood of the Holy The Matter that Destroys and Devours, Flame red are Rays that Burst from Beneath The Flames shall accompany my Invocations... Satan! Satan Rise! Supreme and Merciless God! Total Ruin of God's Realm Tempest, uttermost Dread The Fire wich Darth and Flasheth through all Depths of the Universe people hear the Voice of Fire! We shall Desecrate the Lord Divine Inthronization Ceremony Decapitation of the Holy Forces of Eternal Desecration Trempling his kingdom down to dust... Supreme and terrible God Plague the Earth and Human Race Tremble before Thee - For Thy Time is Nigh at hand Feeble race of the earth to you I now come From Ages beyond Ages From The Space beyond your Vision, and I bring to you these words... With Seven Pentacles consecrated in Saturn Black A new commandment I give unto you, That All Men shall be slain and the Heavens Burnt A Throne of fornication, much brighter than the stars Glory and Honour and Power Merciless Warfare and Strength avenge our Blood on them that dwell upon this earth Angel of the bottomless Pit upon the radiant throne of Light With A thousand bestial tongues that blaspheme the Name of God... Ye all, drink from the Wine of the Wrath of the Fallen Cast Alive into a lake of Burning Fire Fire - Our Lord's Dominion The Realm that hath been made anew Lord Tyrant Serpent Almighty In Battlenow Devour the Weak Rape their Hearts with Splendor Let them behold the Symbols and the Names of Uncreation Forever Terror and Fear Perverted world of immense Pain Awaken all thy Legions, whirlwinds tempestuous, Most High Conqueror From Beyond the Outer Gates All Gathered hosts of Deadly Hate Immortal Headened hearts Barbaric kings, by cruelty raised, With Specters of Black Art Metal Blowing, martial sounds Hell's Chaos, ancient Night. The Heavens trmble hard beneath Malignant Resurrection Inthronizations Ceremony Decapitation of the holy Forces of Eternal Desecration Trempling His Kingdom Down to Dust...