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Midnight Flight (Yeti)

There's too many voices living in my head When I go to sleep at night they stay awake instead They make me take a walk in the middle of the night And I slice people, dice people on my midnight flight I don't want to do it But they make me do it Please don't put me through it My midnight flight I wake up in the morning, and I think it's just a dream But then I see the bodies on my tiny TV screen I put my plastic clothing in my washing machine And it cleanses my senses of the horrors that they've seen Something isn't normal But I can't describe normal Please don't make me normal Make me obscene I don't grow, but the death toll does I wonder why we do it, but the answer's just 'because' Last night I ate the heart of a girl of age just two And when her mother found her, you should've heard her coo Oh my little baby Killed by someone crazy Let's hope it's just a phase He's going through Cause I'm not understanding I can't forsee the ending There's no use pretending The sky is blue La la la, la la la do do do Do do do oh oh oh, oh oh oh