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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Grip Like A Vice (The Go! Team)

Sophisticated queen M.C. Yes of course that's me, mistress of ceremony The one that's gonna take it to the top of the key Introducing myself: M.C. Lisa Lee The blast from the past, superb in every word Soupest female rapper, yes the best you heard Lisa Lee is known to to be the people's choice I get parties rocking with my sensuous voice And when you see the queen walking up the street I'm not souped up, conceited, just incognit' I make the fellas sweat cuz I keep their bodies hot It's a woman's world, you got to give it what you got Well I'm Sha, party people, and I'm ready to rock And if you wanna be down, you gotta gimme what you got My fellas in the place, I won't steer you wrong You gotta give it up or le-leave it alone So get ready for this Get ready for this Party people in the place, get ready for this To you! So what you wanna do? So do you wanna rock the house and turn this mutha out? Fly girls, are you with us? And if you're ready to rock, to help me turn it out Fly girls, are you with us? And if the world know what we're talkin' about To all the ladies (yeah!) I want you to listen Hey, ladies! (yeah!) 1980! Watch out for the fellas (yeah!) that'll drive you crazy Look out, ladies! (yeah!) And if the world know what we're talkin' about