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Body Chute (Labyrinthe)

Goddamn This fucking plague runs ramped in this hospital the putrid cadavers - providing fodder for the flies The misconception that those mortals had for life they were merely pawns in a disease uprise There is no apathy looming in the virus malignant spores attached themselves inside defecation defilement lacerations of the brain creating an infestation domination in the finest sense You're fucking dead and rotted out the affliction has prevailed You're fucking dead and rotted out A waste land infirmy The human seweage leased among the stretchers makes it way to the body chute these clinic walls are condemned with god's creation this epidemic will rain glory upon the streets survivalists pile out the wicked bodies As they dump them down the corridor Decrepit corpses, Hideous and disfigured their bodies rain havoc on the pavement Hideous and disfigured a train of hearses await