Bordello For The Dead (Labyrinthe)

The stench of death fills the air Vile discrepentcies lay lifeless all around me I crave thier rotten flesh and sunken hollowed eyes their mortal holes were created for my plunder I must feel liberated in thier defication Another absent corpse my urges will consume Whores lay wasted, maggots laced inside thier lungs My waiting hour is finally at hand Seperating their limbs from each other penetration without lubercation these hallow walls hold all my secrets while I feast upon the dead Blood covers my waist as I force feed their cunt my lust purification in the guilt excurding from my joy I want to rip every orfice from recongition leaving their entrails but a memory the walls are tarnished with abandonment No one will ever fucking hear a murmur Death's cold damned silence is pure bliss my blood soaked skin has never felt this clean The wandered stares within my victims eyes were left to rot Shoving dollar bills down her mutilated throat The deed is done with no remorse for the dead I left their carcass drenched and wanting more Purging their open wounds with my wasted human seed