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Gutter Sludge (Labyrinthe)

This realm of pain will pave it's roads with all your flesh Leaving the dead to drain All the rest will liquify into a sludge And breed with virgins as they sleep Victimizing thoughts of hope beyond your self control Leaving your eyes to rot, inside your fucking skull The slime of all this sin has fucking covered me Turning my hate against the church Where the fuck is salvation? This book is full of lies I would rather raise _ the devil himself And call out his fucking name Rise from the depths of hell Satan I'd rather bathe in sin Not live God's golden showers To rule in Hell until the end With an Iron fist Fucking everything in sight I Dove into Hell head first and hit the bottom Swimming through sludge from the undead This is my punishment Punishment Why could I not just fucking die Why could I not just fucking die Because Heaven does not exist