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Sightless (Vale Of Pnath)

Live as he lived, suffer as he did Feast upon these lies like a peasant fed ambrosia A leech on the wound, verminous knowledge unfiltered yet still consumed Persecute those who have denied, escaped, exposed this divine prison Worship he who embraced the wrongdoers; become an arbiter of the noble Teach humility and practice arrogance Praise peace and annihilate the wicked A sheltered life insured by blind faith This policy defined by the interpretations of your clergy Bringers of truth or a deceitful disease? Construct this your pedestal-- high upon it you rest Deluded from the moniker "sinner" The blind lead the blind into the depths of an exit-less pit Suffer as he did Suffer for your god Shunned from the diversity of the light Cast down to be shackled by vague prophecies You've taken false hope and enforced it on the free Suffer as he did Suffer for your god You've sheltered your eyes from the sun and become blind Saved from your sins by your effortless conviction Ask for forgiveness so thou can be cleansed, now able to look down upon the miscreants Praise your idol, praise your church, praise your priest You will always be sightless You believe he died for you, but would you suffer for him? Through the centuries you have fallen from your grace Created senseless violence from a prophecy of peace Forged a cult religion with a focus on true greed Become so diseased you can never be freed Hierarchies of insolence control the flock of sheep Sinners turn to preachers then to spreaders of disease The bodies of the dead build your towers to the sky A good word turned to poison by your infinite lies Sightless