Cession At Da Doghillee (Smif-n-Wessun)

I flow fluidly, Though I be the being of your bee's wax Ease back, fo' I squeeze that We don't need that, do we, do we? Rap style, groupie, a dog like Tin, That's why you scared to step to me Do we, have to result in fisticuffs? See I get swifter myself, that's when the Ruck erupts So think not, of what I am, and what I do Just recognize in the murder mic, I rule How many corny MC gon' try? Fifty MC, forty of dem done die Run wit' Heltah Skeltah, through the realms of the dark If a nigga rift, then I'mma let the 4-4 bark Everybody knows, where my notty head grows I turn into a lethal weapon, and start steppin' on toes I, waste no time, when I move mine Grab my glock, and then I clear the stuff, like I was code nine [Chorus] Why you wanna fuck wit my Boot Camp? Boot Camp, survivin' the preview and Fuck wit my Bucktown group And in the night, the night, who roll the tight Why you wanna fuck wit my Boot Camp? Boot Camp, survivin' the preview and Comin' through, representin' Boot Camp Clik In the night, who roll tight Wack MC's, have best to beware That I fears no fears, and that's word to my dry tear I brake ya whole fuckin' crew in half Feel the wrath, as the Gunn Clappaz clap that ass Wontime, for ya mind, hit that ass color blind Signed on the dotted line, it's how I live my lifetime Reality hit me at some degrees Now my eyes bleed (why?) Because I just smoked a bag of weed Bringin' forth Heltah Skeltah, be the big Rock, God help ya I beat more ass, then Mom dukes leather belt I gets open like doors when I be droopin' Trademark be bootin, baggin' pants roopin' Hoopin' and hollerin', nigga shut ya mug 'cause I might have ya swallowin', a whole bunch of slugs 'cause I'm bugged and my dome piece, roam in the streets Wit my chrome, I'mma blast it, my caps magic, I get that ass quick 'Nough men a die, 'nough men a come try To test the worry, I me no know why A new breed of conquerors is on the rise Step to my Boot Camp and catch black eyes From the Heltah Skeltah, the Gunn da Clappaz Smif-N-Wessun comin' through stompin' out all you wack rappers Wit the crazy dred, the mad boy head fed Of corny shit that said, so now you bleed like your man bled We gettin' twisted as our Timb's cover pavement Flowin' state to state, pickin' up the next payment Yo thoughts smell, violator to the left Four slugs hit them chest, no more, no less So think about it, abort your mission, it's impossible Or be a vegetable, and ya meant up in the hospital You silly wabbit, Trix, tricks are for kids, don't you know that? Fuck wit my Boot Camp, and get your wig pushed back Why you wanna fuck wit my Boot Camp? Boot Camp, survivin' the preview and Comin' through, representin' Boot Camp Clik In the night, who roll tight I be that rude boy, bad boy, comin' from the ville Step to the Boot Camp, somebody get killed by me The T-O-P, D-O-G, or my nigga Mr. S-T-are-A-N-G Some of ya niggas be tryin' to pull the trigga But I figure, I could bust that ass just a little quicker Time to catch Wreck, and back to the set Where all them rules, them cock in check All up in ya muthafuckin' grill, I be Steele Comin' through wit my Wreckin Crew, so I reckon you keep it real If not, I'm blowin' spots, on whoever be showin' glocks And what nots, walkin' around fakin' mad rocks The only Rock I know is B.I.G., wakin' up and I double G-H, wit that nigga are-you-see-K Better be ready to be jetty if you petty 'cause if it wasn't already said, we dangerous and deadly You better recognize or recollect, I reck a set wit a Tek, and we askin', we blastin' Now from this you might think the Steele is trife I earn my strife, 'cause I deal wit the real in life And I reveal my knife, to cut you loose I'm not ruthless, but you get the boots if you useless 'cause, time upon time, I find If you remain blind, you get left behind But we, see very clearly, so step up to the front 'cause this is where we, represent on the lovely For you and get praise due to the father above me 'cause we ain't here to attack, or, when we take the backs off The wack rappers that jack off That's all that's it, strictly the bumpin shit Niggas don't even know what they fuckin wit [Chorus]