Timz N Hood Check (Smif-n-Wessun)

[Steele] Smif-N-Wessun out of Bucktown startin' mad trouble Play the Hard Rock we break yo' block down ta rubble Perform a construction, like a storm when we rushin Raisin' Cain, hip shots graze yo' brain It's rippin down, like thunda, pound Make a brotha wonda now, what otha I'll shit lies underground We got more if ya want more, dig it But ya got ta be hardcore ta get wit' it As a youth some called me Tone, some called me ? Now they call me Steele cause I'm rough to tha bone marrow You don't believe me, G, check my apparel Dress code is bold, so feel the cold barrel What up to all my cock strong troops in they boots True to tha game stayin' true to they roots That's how we choose to remain, cause we just can't change And we won't change, still stay the same [Tek] Timz and hood check, my crew's out ta catch wreck Run in ya crib and bolt ya doors'll be ya best bet Ya hear footsteps approach, as I drop the roach Of the smoke ya can't react because ya throat is being choked Pull yo' biscuit that's yo ticket to escape I got the trey-deuce my crime partner got the trey-eight I kick it hardcore so these critics try ta ban me But I'm gettin busy like the black guerilla family Got ta meet my man at a quarter ta nine So we could blow this town and leave the corpse behind We ain't many but we crazy, shady Broke into a crib, what we did Yes we smoked the fat lady Smif-N-Wessun on some reality shit Tie up ya timbs and make sure ya don't slip, nucca