Wontime (Smif-n-Wessun)

Before I lay my head down ta rest I roll up a nickel sack of cess ta relieve the stress The herb and the Calisthenics do a nigga justice They fake cause Im a snake and cant be trusted I put up with none of them punks who front shit Even though some I used ta run wit and smoke blunts wit Fuck the foreplay lets do shit the raw way Kill the he say she say check what we say I'm dwellin in the cellar wit my niggas Heltah Skeltah Loadin up the clips wit lyrics punks run for shelter Smif-N-Wessun's on the loose with a noose for yo neck You let info slip out so its dead ya get Here's the Black Moon we creepin up in ya room Death fills the air along with the scent of boom Open ya eyes motherf**kers and greet ya fears Off with the head of a snitch then we outta here Chorus: repeat 2X Won rhyme for the snitch droppin dime Wontime Won rhyme for the heads doin time Wontime Won rhyme for the crooks commitin crime Wontime Wontime for ya muthaf**kin mind Sittin in the pens with my back against the gate Hot as a f**k cant wait ta get that bus headin upstate New plates same faces from the last joint Got my banger so when danger come Ill be on point In the parallel cell mad niggas flip Cause some think theyre doin dip just got his ass ripped Juveniles buck wild in this vicinity keep an open eye cause now I sleep with the enemy (Watch ya back shorty!) Ready ta thump wit any chump without theirs Nobody move nobody gets blown from here ta rear Thinkin of a way ta get even wit my P.O. Cause I knew the bitch dicked a nigga on the D-Lo Now behind bars where scars come in pairs Troopin wit my blowers in case these niggas wanna bring it here Flippin on the bitch ass, got cash and commissary Cause I ain't goin home ta never worry Another straight up "No" comin from the board Keep my anger hidden til I'm back up in the ward Niggas know whats the word cause the grill is blank Once again its on sucka-type grab yo shank Chorus Well I was taught two wrongs dont make a right but me and Ripper been real tight for awhile an everythings aight I got one in store for hardcore fanatics Bangin from basement ta attic put static if ya got dramatics Who's the next up for heads, when my leads used up I'll use my baseball bats and youll get bruised up Word Life my semi-automatic and static smokin lyes more than a habit and our victims die tragic We stalk around like the beast out for prey Back in the island pullin more jooks by the day Takin loot wit my crimeys on the run from the coppers Boot Camp's on the map and aint no way that you can stop us Get out my way nigga, I'm comin through deep And my fleet packs heat Ain't nuttin sweet we play for keeps I got money on my mind and my hand on my nine Got ta get mine cause my lifes on the line I roll with the Ripper and the Ripper rolls with me And my Brethren D to the O-G See we be hittin up Boom spots a lot In the cypher gettin high with the hoods on the block If you dont know me dont even come in my circle Fuck around and get me vexed then I'ma hurt you Bumba claat rude bwoy lick off ya nine As I hit you one time for ya f**kin mind Chorus