My Best Friends (Pokémon)

CHORUS: Til' the end I will be with you, We will go where our dreams come true, All the times that we have been through, You will always be my best friends... Here we are-on a new adventure Danger lurks-somewhere in the darkness We are set-for surprises-even battle! We're a team-no one better mess with us! If we stand as one, There's nothing to fear, We'll beat the darkness, And we'll stay right here! Time after time, That's how it will be, Just you and me. REPEAT CHORUS Good friends-are those who stick together When there's sun and in the heavy weather.. Smile after smile, That's how it will be, Just you and me... REPEAT CHORUS Remember when we first met? We had such fun, oh I never will forget... Since then, the times are so good- We've always stuck together like best friends should. REPEAT CHORUS x3