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Pokemon (Dance Mix) (Pokémon)

Pokemon x5 Pokemon Journey just begun Pokemon More the better Pokemon Team Rocket's on the run Pokemon We're friends forever You've got the power Right in your hands They'll evolve before your eyes A world of magic At your command You can be a master if you try Pokemon-mon-mon! Ohh-ohho-ohhhwhoa...Yeah! Searching every day For the answer No time to delay This grand adventure! Oh yeah! Pokemon You've got a power! Pokemon hee-ee-ee...Yeah Pokemon You've got a power! Pokemon Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Team united, we'll always win All together we stand tall Unlock the secrets deep within Learn to be the greatest of them all! (Long musical interlude with lead vocal moaning at various pitches, followed by repetition of various lines from before and "Pokemon-mon-mon" continually repeated until fadeout)