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It Belongs To Us (MacLean Dougie)

It stands within a time of dreams Engraven stone on which it seems ten thousand naked hands have drawn an endless line Where man and earth were more than one With fire, water, moon and sun We touch it and were centred in this place and time CHORUS They try and tear it all away O but turning heads can’t hear what heavy hearts must say It belongs to us, it belongs to us It’s our sacred rock you hold And it’s our destiny that you have thrown away It’s our sacred rock you hold These canyons where our ancients sleep They rise above our heads and keep connection with the winds on which our seeds have come And it’s there we lay and rest our dead It’s there the last goodbyes are said We see it and we know that we will all be one CHORUS You may think it’s worthless You may think it’s small and for that we have no need But reality is bigger than the lies you have grown from your spiritless greed There is a deep and distant force That knows the way and holds the course we’ve travelled so uncertainly from year to year And it strengthens as we pass it on Our children growing graceful strong We feel it and we’re certain that our way is clear CHORUS