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Ugly Socialite (Magneta Lane)

They told you They warned you If you'd look They'd turn away They said that You played nice You smiled and You said thanks Don't worry, Babydoll They want you 'Cause you're twenty-two The lines are for you They want you Dressed in white But they want you Walking in the night Say that you look splendid You don't comprehend it Take a look, Babydoll They only want to drink with you Anything for you, tonight And now, they're falling on their knees And they're never going to disagree And I know you're lovin' the spotlight But you're going to lose your head tonight You ugly socialite Now that you're Dressed in pearls The handshakes And the conversations whirl Say how much they love you They don't know about you Darling, I know that you'll fake it Don't take this personal 'Cause you're the It Girl tonight And now, I'm falling on my knees Begging you, my dear, to never disagree And I know I really want this life But I'm going to lose my head tonight You ugly socialite Hey!