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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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My Beach (Human Highway)

I swim the shore I brought you some coral I've been here before And I'll be here tomorrow There was a man-o-war There was a sword fish I sure wish the shore Was within my reach When I'm lying on your sand And you're my (you're my you're my) beach I built you a castle But the tide took it away And now you think I'm an asshole So I try to make it okay I give you the ocean But it would only bring you down I'll give more than my footprints S stands for more than the sound Of the sea we watch coming in Below the gulls that are hovering And I won't rub it in To all the creatures that are struggling To keep afloat I love the sand on my toes Each grain of it You're my beach And I won't (I won't I won't) forget You're my (you're my you're my) beach